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Building a Kombucha Empire Through Unexpected Hardship with Rachael Walker of Life's a Buch

Uncategorized Sep 17, 2020

Rachael Walker got her start in the craft kombucha industry almost 3 years ago. While working at Whole Foods, she started fermenting her own kombucha and experienced nearly immediate relief with her acid reflux and digestive issues. Her home-brewed kombucha quickly gained popularity and demand.

At the age of 26, she started, Life’s a Buch, a kombucha company based in Fort Collins, CO. In the past 3 years she has experienced great success and growth, but the success hasn’t come without a fight.

Like many businesses, Rachael faced many challenges with the onset of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home order that ensued.

In this episode, Rachael will share:

  • How she got started in the craft kombucha industry
  • The value of relationships and community within her business model
  • The challenges that COVID presented for her business and how she overcame
  • Inspiration to keep going and keep fighting to keep your dreams and business alive through unexpected circumstances

To connect with...

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How Community is Strengthened in Times of Crisis with Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2020

Times of crisis can often feel isolating, but Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing shares how difficult times are opportunities for community to be strengthened. 

Nick Armstrong of WTF Marketing is a community player who models the importance of communal living in his interests, volunteerism, and professional life. He is the Geek-in-Chief behind WTF Marketing and has co-organized community events like Fort Collins Comic Con, Startup Week Fort Collins, TEDxFoCo, and more.

In this episode, Nick shares his story of how an important question from his doctor steered his course from living under great stress to doing what he enjoyed most with creative outlets, ultimately leading him to marketing. His approach to marketing and small businesses is refreshing, innovative, and inspiring, and he has so much wisdom to share on the value and importance of community through crisis.

In this episode we’ll tackle topics such as:

  • What marketing companies should be doing as businesses in this...
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028 | Growing From $0 to $400K in 13 Months with Justin Janowski of Faith2Influence

podcast Dec 19, 2019

Growing a business is hard, but Justin Janowski seems to know how to do it as he has modeled with Faith2Influence. 

After a variety of experiences in sales and entrepreneurship, Justin took the leap to launch Faith2Influence and it did not seem like the best time. A baby was on the way, his wife quit her job to focus on raising the family but Justin knew in his heart he HAD to start Faith 2 Influence. 

So, he quite his job and hit $400K in sales 12 months later. This podcast episode shares that story as well as key points on some of the following topics: 

- Why you should always live from your passion

- Importance of defining your audience and knowing your "who"

- Some of the most common sales mishaps businesses have

- Sales strategy and sales success tips for small businesses

Justin Janowski is serving Christian business men and helping them be more healthy in Faith, Business, and Family through Faith2Influence. Regardless of your passion or worldview, there is a lot...

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Stop Hiding Behind Online Marketing and Pick Up The Phone

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

This week I’ve been hit with the simple realization that clients are not just going to come to us. We have to go out and find them.

It sounds obvious but it’s hard to accept and do something about. I want clients to find us online because we put out great content, and some will.

This has came to the forefront because I’ve seen it in my friend’s businesses. They will ask me why I think they aren’t getting business and it seems so obvious.

They are hiding behind online marketing as an excuse to not reach out to people and I am just as guilty.

You see, we hear stories all the time of people that make it big…whatever that means. They put out some Facebook ads or got a ton of clients from a good video or their websites SEO. We hear them say “we just had the right product at the right time and the clients came to us, everybody came to us!”

Well great. That didn’t happen to me. Or my friend. Or their friend. The fact is, that...

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020 | Where Great Stories Take You W/ Alex Ruiz of Canvas and Light | The Small Business Storytellers Podcast

podcast Nov 05, 2019

This week on The Small Business Storytellers, we dive into a conversation with Alex Ruiz and learn about the crazy journey she has had as a storyteller. 

How do you know the difference between what makes an average story and what makes a great one. 

Alex Ruiz started her career as a storyteller in the news world, where she learned to capture stories quickly. After a few years, she realized this was not for her and decided to launch her own storytelling business, Canvas and Light. 

Now, years later, Alex Ruiz and the team at Canvas and Light have told documentaries following the Syrian refugee crisis along with other stories around the world, while producing incredible wedding videos along the way. 

Alex even tells the story of capturing Abby Wambach's wedding! 

If you love storytelling and hearing about what makes great stories, you will love this episode. 



If you want to hire or find out more about Alex and her company Canvas And...

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Wanting To Start A Podcast? Local Podcast Studio In Fort Collins Opens Up.

With Story On's professional recording studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have everything you need to make your podcast easy.

If you are in Northern Colorado, we will help you build your podcast strategy and launch plan from our experience launching podcasts. Come into our studio once every 4-8 weeks to record a batch of episodes. From there we handle the following services: 

  • You use our gear so that your investment into software and gear is $0.
  • We get everything set up, record, and fully edit the episodes for you.
  • We produce show notes, transcripts of episodes for you and can turn those into dynamic and fully developed blog posts and articles.
  • We include hosting costs in our price so you don't have to worry about what platform to choose.
  • We create social media content to help you promote your podcast episodes when they come out.
  • We publish your podcast episodes according to the agreed upon schedule.

Our pricing model is based on a per episode rate. The rate...

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