Hello, I'm Seth Silvers.


Stories have a power that has always captivated me. 


Our team has helped some of the most trusted business leaders in the world with their podcasts. We'd love for you to be next. 

Our Story


Story On is a premier podcasting agency helping established Business Leaders expand their influence through podcasting. 

Story On was founded by Seth Silvers out of a frustration for what marketing could be, but was not. He realized the brands he loved were the ones focused on improving people’s lives and the ones not just making products, but telling stories. Consumers wanted to buy from companies telling great stories but brands were stuck shouting about products. 

In 2015, Story On Media and Marketing was founded to help small businesses market with stories. Over the next few years, Story On worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies helping them tell their stories in a variety of ways. 

After trying to help too many companies in too many ways, Seth Silvers realized the most impactful work they were doing was in podcasting. Podcasting had become the most effective way Story On was helping their clients and podcasting had become one of the best ways for brands to communicate their passion, value, and stories to their audience. Story On pivoted to exclusively focus on building can’t miss podcasts for business leaders. 

Story On has worked with business leaders such as Mark Cuban, Patrick Lencioni, Peak Solutions, and The Business Transition Strategists along with many other business leaders and podcasts helping expand their platform authentically through podcasting.

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