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why podcasting is different

This is Why Podcasting is Different

Nov 05, 2020

Why podcasting is the best way to build trust with your audience

In today’s world, there’s always something new for you to do to market your business. New ideas. New “you have to do this” videos from influencers. It can feel overwhelming.

I don’t want this to be another article encouraging you to do something new, but I‘d’ like to talk about why I believe podcasting is unique from other forms of media right now.

Podcasting has been steadily growing for years and is no longer a buzzword, but more of a commonplace tool the majority of people understand how to use.

When you’re starting your business or wanting to build more of an online presence for your existing business, it can be challenging to know what platform to focus on. It’s a given in today’s world that you’re likely going to need to create some form of content to market your business.

The tools are here for us to market ourselves better than ever before, but which tool is best for you to use?

When I get asked this by my clients, I usually tell them the tool or platform that will be best for them will be the one they will use the most consistently. That being said, I believe podcasting is the best opportunity on the market right now for a lot of businesses because of one reason:

This year, Podcast Insights research showed “80% of listeners listen to all or most of a show and listen to 7 or more episodes per week.”

For context, Facebook counts a video view when someone watches for 3 seconds. YouTube counts a view for 10 seconds of watch time. If you’re getting people to watch 35% of your YouTube video, you are doing exceptionally well compared to other channels. Podcasting is often over 75%.

I think there are several reasons for this. Most people listen to a podcast in a more focused setting such as driving to work or exercising. Beyond that, I think this statistic is critical in understanding where you as a business owner should be leveraging attention.

Would you rather have someone who listens to 10 minutes of your 30-minute episode or 20–25 minutes? I’m going to have a higher chance of remembering more from a 25-minute conversation with a friend than quickly talking with them for 10 minutes.

The simple fact that audience retention among podcasters is so high is the best reason for you to start a podcast for your business.

This creates an opportunity for you to take your audience to coffee every single week. As they’re listening to what you have to say on your podcast or the guest you are interviewing, you are building trust with them. Many people say time=relationship. I believe this is a bit oversimplified but there is truth to the fact that the more time you spend with someone, the more of a relationship you will have with them, and the more you will trust them.

The Time is Now

If you are a business looking to build trust with your audience, start a podcast.

If you want your audience to feel like they know you, start a podcast.

If you have stories in your organization that you want to get out to the world, start a podcast.

There are plenty of opportunities in the marketing world to grow your business.

Podcasting is not the only way to grow your business but it is the best platform for building trust with your audience right now.

Your audience is listening to podcasts, why shouldn’t they be listening to yours? They are spending multiple hours per week listening to other podcasts, why shouldn’t they be spending some of that time learning from you about the value you bring to the world and the insight you have into their challenges?

If you are ready to start a podcast but don’t know how I’d love to help. Schedule a call with my team by clicking here and we can talk about your idea for a podcast and share how to bring it to life.

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