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Wanting To Start A Podcast? Local Podcast Studio In Fort Collins Opens Up.

With Story On's professional recording studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, we have everything you need to make your podcast easy.

If you are in Northern Colorado, we will help you build your podcast strategy and launch plan from our experience launching podcasts. Come into our studio once every 4-8 weeks to record a batch of episodes. From there we handle the following services: 

  • You use our gear so that your investment into software and gear is $0.
  • We get everything set up, record, and fully edit the episodes for you.
  • We produce show notes, transcripts of episodes for you and can turn those into dynamic and fully developed blog posts and articles.
  • We include hosting costs in our price so you don't have to worry about what platform to choose.
  • We create social media content to help you promote your podcast episodes when they come out.
  • We publish your podcast episodes according to the agreed upon schedule.

Our pricing model is based on a per episode rate. The rate...

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