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020 | Where Great Stories Take You W/ Alex Ruiz of Canvas and Light | The Small Business Storytellers Podcast

podcast Nov 05, 2019

This week on The Small Business Storytellers, we dive into a conversation with Alex Ruiz and learn about the crazy journey she has had as a storyteller. 

How do you know the difference between what makes an average story and what makes a great one. 

Alex Ruiz started her career as a storyteller in the news world, where she learned to capture stories quickly. After a few years, she realized this was not for her and decided to launch her own storytelling business, Canvas and Light. 

Now, years later, Alex Ruiz and the team at Canvas and Light have told documentaries following the Syrian refugee crisis along with other stories around the world, while producing incredible wedding videos along the way. 

Alex even tells the story of capturing Abby Wambach's wedding! 

If you love storytelling and hearing about what makes great stories, you will love this episode. 



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