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"The format of this 10 day challenge helped make it all click for me and my business online." 

Erin Ellis Mounsey

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Carl Dierschow

"Really fantastic structure. I've been preparing for seed round capital raise and this is very cohesive in helping with my story!"

- Ali Abouzalem

Be Confident Sharing Your Story

Sales is a transfer of confidence. You'll learn how to share your stories with confidence and clarity.

People will be waiting to buy from you. 

Get New Customers From Social Media

In just 10 days, you will learn the building blocks of getting easy clients from social media. 

Once you learn this skill, you will have clarity on how to use social media to grow your business. 

Build Your Online Audience In 10 Minutes A Day

Don't have time? I get it. 

You'll learn how to build a brand and share stories that stick in just 10 minutes per day. 

Seth Silvers, CEO + Founder

Seth Silvers is an  entrepreneur passionate about helping small businesses grow authentically, by marketing with stories. Seth has helped businesses large and small develop effective and profitable storytelling and content strategies.

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